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  • Savanna McDavid

Restlessness, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights and Fatigue: A Natural Remedy

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

The end of summer can be an exciting time but getting back in a routine and back to the grind of life can also be stressful. It's during this time that a lot of parents and children experience a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights and all over fatigue. Anxiety seems to be a normal part of the new school year but because its preventable it no longer has to be.

Stress impacts our bodies in some way on a daily basis and is usually shown different in everyone. Some symptoms may be affecting your health and you may not even realize it. Restlessness and anxiety may be related to school starting back, but it is mostly due to stress for students and parents. These are two forms of stress showing itself. Studies have shown with reduced stress our bodies not only heal better but they perform better too. And when you're a student, performance is key to a successful school year.

So what exactly can help with all this anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and those sleepless nights? Our favorite thing, Himalayan Pink Salt of course!

"Himalayan Salt is naturally enriched with negative ions which is great for our bodies in many different ways."

We are supposed to live in a negatively charged world, but because we like things like heat and air, television, computers, microwaves, etc. we live in a overwhelming positively charged atmosphere.

This positively charged atmosphere takes a toll on our bodies mentally and physically. It increases anxiety and can affect our sleep patterns. It can also make us restless and cause fatigue because positive ions affect the way our blood flows in our veins. When our blood is sluggish to move though our veins, we are sluggish to move off the couch. Negative ions are found in nature and thats one reason we're urged to spend time outside. Some of the most negatively charged environments are found around salt and water.

Halotherapy can help reduce these symptoms of stress by clearing the lungs and surrounding your body with negative ions. When in a negatively charged environment your brain actually calms and the stress hormone is reduced in the body. Thus anxiety and restlessness goes away. Salt therapy is natural, non-invasive and has no side effects.

Our Salt Room provides a relaxing atmosphere that is flooded with negative ions. The floor is covered in salt, beautiful lights set the mood and massage chairs make your experience a restful one. A restorative session can have you feeling better almost immediately and can give you a peaceful night's sleep.

Some people with anxiety who have visited a Salt Room experienced:

-Increased Mood

-Increased Mental Performance

-Boosts Relaxation

-Improves Sleep

-Reduces Stress

We know this time of year is busy to say the least. Running back on a schedule can cause some real stress. Just remember whenever you need to mentally rejuvenate The Salt Oasis Kingsport can be your place to destress. We also offer stunning salt lamps for you to take the negative ions home to increase the relaxation in your space. Don't let anxiety, restlessness and fatigue get to you this year. Fight back with some salt therapy.

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