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5 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas to Wow Dad This Year!

Don't just give dad another tie this year for Father's Day. Even though he loves those, how about switching it up? Give him a gift to remember- a gift of health and love. At The Salt Oasis Kingsport, we have so many gifts dad will love. They are practical, function and great for his health and wellness. Nothing says "I love you" more than a gift that promotes him getting healthy and living longer! Check out our favorites for dad this year....


Salt lamps can help bring a warm, peaceful feeling to any space, perfect for a dad who wants to create a more serene environment.

Whether that be for him to relax in his own space after a long day or to bring a calming tone to everyday life with the whole family.

Salt lamps also bring fresh air to any home because the help clean dirt particles out of the air, leaving behind a fresher, cleaner feeling.


This pad is perfect for anyone with neck and shoulder pain. Does your dad often complain of a stiff neck or tense shoulders? This may be just the gift for him.

It is a very simple one button device that uses both Red and Near Infrared light to ease away stress and pain. *It should be used on bare skin.

We have 3 of these available right now. They make a perfect gift! Only $219.


Ok, this is for the dads who love a good workout/sweat session. An Infrared Sauna gift card is a great way for dad to try out our sauna and get a good sweat in.

Our sauna is great for detoxing and relaxing away soreness while helping burn calories and get a good workout in.

If your dad loves to sweat, a sauna gift card may be just the thing for him! Oh and we have a monthly package too where you can get dad a great deal on multiple visits.


The petal bowl not only functions as a salt lamp for purifying the air but also features five heating massage stones with soothing properties.

Ideal for addressing various discomforts, whether it's relieving a sore neck and shoulders or alleviating sinus pressure, these heated stones offer targeted comfort wherever needed. This is a great gift for a dad who suffrs from pain or inflammation.

Available in Pink, Gray, and White, the multi-functional petal bowl combines aesthetic appeal with therapeutic benefits.

Priced at $108


This small wand features red light, infrared light and blue light in 3 minute sessions.

It is multifunctional and can be used anywhere on the body for pain, inflammation, acne, scarring and more.

The small size makes it perfect for targeting specific pain aresa on the body such as knees, hands, feet, neck, etc.

These wands are $125 and come with their own carrying case, battery charger and extra battery and a user manual.

No matter what dad wants this year, The Salt Oasis Kingsport has just the thing. Stop by this week and get the dad in your life something special-the gift of health.



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