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Four ways to keep the Fall Feels while ditching the Fall aches, pains, sinus pressure and migraines.

It is easy to conclude that most of us here in East Tennessee and SW Virginia love Fall. With all the beautiful leaves, cozy clothes, warm drinks and all things pumpkin...what's not to love right? While Fall puts us all in our feels, seasonal changes can have a large affect on our bodies.

This is the time of the year that many of us begin to ache, experience migraines and even suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder; not to mention the looming scare of COVID-19. So what can we do to protect ourselves, boost our immune system and feel better as we begin to feel these seasonal symptoms coming on?

A Problem...

An increase in Barometric pressure can cause more serious trouble in the form of high blood pressure. As the pressure becomes greater outside our bodies, our blood vessels actually become smaller and more restricted (even if you're not prone to HBP). We all know restricted blood vessels can cause an array of things related to high blood pressure.

A Way to Help...

Here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport, we have one of the best ways to naturally help with the increase of HBP. Infrared Light has been proven over and over to relax the vascular system and open your blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow and proper circulation. We offer Infrared Light Therapy in the form of lamps focused on your body and we also have an Infrared Sauna that will warm your muscles, bones and joints. So no more being cold to the bone this winter.

A Problem...

One of the most common symptoms of colder weather is aches and pains for someone who has arthritis, MS, or other chronic illnesses. These pains tend to come from a related cause, the drop of Barometric pressure when a low pressure storm moves in. This is why the old tale of granny being able to predict snow due to her aching hands is actually probably true.

A Way to Help...

When a low pressure storm moves in it tends to reduce the atmospheric pressure on our bodies causing the gas pressure inside our joints to expand. This is where swelling, inflammation and pain comes from. Luckily, here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport, we have a Salt Therapy room that is covered in Himalayan salt which reduces swelling and inflammation. Thus it helps reduce the pain of aching joints that come with fall and winter storms.

A Problem...

Agreeably, the most serious health condition associated with seasonal change is the bigger risk of heart attacks. Research shows that more people have heart attacks in the colder months due to vigorous outside activities like hanging holiday lights, shoveling snow or winterizing the home. Pair that with already higher blood pressure than normal and a compromised immune system, add in the fact that most people aren't exercising through the winter and you get a real strain on the heart.

A Way to Help...

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to relax your blood vessels and get your blood flowing better (without exercise) is Infrared Light Therapy. More specifically in this case, the Infrared Sauna is a great solution to this common issue. Being in an Infrared Sauna can double the amount of blood that flows through your body (from 5-7 quarts per minute up to 13 quarts per minute) thus making sitting in the Infrared Sauna a cardiovascular activity. And we could all use that during the winter months.

For our area, one of the most common of all issues during season changes is hay fever and sinus problems. We of course have the perfect solution for those problems. Our Salt Room is designed to not only help you relax during this stressful time of year but to help relieve allergies and sinuses. The Salt Room is also a perfect place to help keep your lungs clear and clean of bacteria and germs. If you're ready to boost your respiratory health and say goodbye to those sinus pressure headaches, drop by and see us.

We will be here all winter reminding you that you can feel better during the happiest time of year!



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