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  • Savanna McDavid

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Our New Favorite Home Decor

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

By now, most people have seen or at least heard of one of the newest health products for the home. Himalayan salt lamps have now become a huge craze and are making their way into retailers everywhere. And while you can usually catch a lamp at a good deal, it is not usually good quality....or even real Himalayan salt! So while the lamp may look pretty, theres a good chance it is not producing the benefits stated on the back of the box.

It is so important when buying a lamp to make sure they come from reputable sources which guarantee the quality of the Himalayan salt. When the lamps are top quality they can do amazing things!

  • Top quality lamps filter the air around them by drawing moisture, dirt, pollen, dander, smoke, etc. to them and then dissolving the impurities.

  • Top Quality lamps give off negative ions which have proven to significantly calm and soothe the human brain. Negative ions also kill mold spores.

  • Top quality lamps are on the same color spectrum as a sunset which really works to soothe human senses, similar to the relaxing feeling of an ocean shore.

Each Himalayan lamp is hand crafted and one of a kind. Completely unique from a design point of view, chances are there will not be any two lamps that are similar in the whole world! These lamps are so beautiful to look at and are such a functional accent to any home decor but as most know, salt also has healing powers and research has discovered that each color of salt has a particular advantage to it.

  • Orange- lamps with more orange in them promote relaxation, improves the nervous system's health as well as kidney function

  • White- lamps with more white cleanse and detoxify the environment from impurities not only physical but emotional energy as well

  • Pink- lamps with a more pink look represents love, balances emotions and offers a more positive outlook

  • Red- red lamps are the darkest shade and they help the circulatory system, not to

  • mention they are beautiful to look at

Himalayan salt is one of natures most powerful substances. Its healing power has been known for a long time throughout the world and now with salt lamps we can enjoy the benefits and beauty in a one of a kind decor enhancement.

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