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Ionic Foot Detox 

The purpose of our Ionic Foot Detox is much like every other service we offer here at the Salt Oasis, it is designed to accelerate the body's own natural healing and detoxing process. Pulling toxins out of your body through your feet, our detox allows your body to cultivate health from the inside out. 

Knowingly or unknowingly we are all in contact with various toxic, poisonous substances and have been our entire lives. There are many hidden sources that most people are not aware of. These toxins enter your body in three ways: through the skin, the digestive system, and the lungs. They interfere with the body's ability to work properly. Trauma, stress and modern day diets all disturb the body's natural ability to excrete these toxins.


The toxicity that earlier generations were exposed to in their lifetimes is minimal compared to an ever increasing volume of poisonous chemicals we have been exposed to and have absorbed over a lifetime.


Toxins and acids pool naturally at the feet, due to gravity. Each foot contains 2,000 or more sweat glands, more than anywhere else in the body, and so the feet are ideal as an exit point to purge accumulated toxins.






ONE SESSION (45 MINS).................$45 

How do I prepare for a session?

        You will want to be sure to drink plenty of water the day of your session, at least 16 to 20 oz . Make         sure your feet are freshly washed and clean of all oils, lotions, etc. before your session. This insures         that the pores on your feet are clean and clear. It is very important to have clean, oil and lotion free         feet. 

What do I wear?

       You can wear anything that is comfortable to you as long as you are able to raise your pant legs to           your mid calves. We suggest sweat pants, loose jeans, etc. You will also want to wear shoes that are         easy to take on and off, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops etc. are fine.

How long does a session last?

       Each session is exactly 30 minutes. However, the preparation and clean up take about 10-15 minutes        depending on the person. Please allow 45 minutes for your session. 

What do I do durning a session?

       During a session, you are free to do whatever you would like. You can use your phone, read , nap,            or simply be present. It is up to you. The only thing you will be required to do during a session is            drink at least 8oz of water. You will not be able to take your feet out of the water during a session. 

What should I do after a session?

       After the session is complete, we will assist you in washing off your feet and cleaning them. after             they are dry, you are free to put your shoes back on. For the rest of the day, be sure to continue to         drink plenty of water as your body is still detoxing. The best thing to do after a foot detox is to go         home and relax. Your body has just rid itself of toxins, chemicals and metals and it needs to rest. 

How many sessions should I have and when?

       Depending on the person, health and lifestyle, it could be appropriate for someone to have as                many as two session per week for 4 weeks. Someone may just need one session per week for 4-6              weeks to see a big improvement. We are happy to talk with you and find the perfect frequency of            sessions for you. 

What can I expect to see/fell after a session? 

        Benefits are increased circulation, improved alkaline/acid pH balance, increased metabolism and             weight loss, increased glandular and organ functions, and increased energy levels. You can expect           improved health in all systems of the body  and most have experienced an improved sense of well-         being physically, emotionally, and mentally. Most people report a better nights sleep as well. 


Who can benefit from a Foot Detox session? Who shouldn't do one?

       Many people can benefit from a foot detox, but here are a few categories that it can really help-              Seniors, athletes, executives, people with health concerns, people living with high levels of stress,          and of course people who work in toxic environments. 

     There are people who should not do a foot detox. Those are pacemaker users, recipients of organ          transplants, sufferers from psychotic episodes, seizures or epilepsy, those who are pregnant or                breastfeeding, people with open wounds on their feet and children under 5 years old. 

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