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  • Savanna McDavid

Relaxing Foot Bath, Detoxifying Results.


Our detox system is the modern version of an ancient concept of healing. The Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all used different methods to purge toxins from the body through the feet to restore health to the entire body.

The process begins by placing feet in warm salt water and involves purging contents of the sweat glands. There are 2,000 + sweat glands in each foot- more than anywhere else in the body.

The body is like a cylinder, and due to the effects of gravity toxins and acid pool at the feet. The electronic array consists of two polarized electrodes (a positive and negative charged coil) and when placed in warm salt water it creates an electromagnetic field. The array then magnetically draws the contents of the sweat glands into the water, thus causing coloration of the water and even an odor.


We are exposed daily to numerous foreign chemicals and your body needs to cleanse these chemicals from our food, water and the air you breathe. In today's world there are more chemicals and toxins entering the body than can be eliminated. When you begin to notice a lack of pep and energy your body is telling you something is wrong- it is literally asking you to assist it to cleanse out the build up of internal pollution.

Ever since the post WW II petrochemical industry, our bodies are absorbing a broad range of toxins every day. Things such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, tobacco and polluted air. We are walking sponges and our natural methods of elimination are working overtime trying to cope with the volume of build up.

This lifetime of build up becomes a toxic load that hinders your body's natural ability to heal and repair itself. Modern medicine and scientific testing have linked the accumulation of internal pollution and toxins as the significant cause of degenerative diseases in the body.


Each person's experience is entirely different. It depends on the type and volume of toxins, on which part of the body have been affected and stressed and on your lifestyle choices.

"I am really sleeping better. I have done the detox session 4 times now and each time has been different. I have experienced less headaches and more energy." - Henry

"This detox has really given me more energy. My body feels cooler due to the absence of metals and my feet feel so much lighter." -Cindy

"I have restless legs and they usually keep me up at night, but since doing this detox three times my legs have calmed down, Im sleeping better and they don't hurt as bad now. " - Shirley

"My feet feel so different. I really feel so much lighter! I'm excited to see what more than one session is going to do." - Kelli

"I couldn't believe how dirty my water was! It was shocking to see and really opened my eyes to see how many toxins that came out of my feet. I'm anxious to see how this will help my liver." - Lori

"I was really grossed out at the stuff that came out of my feet. I couldn't believe that I could smell the garlic I had eaten the night before. It blew my mind." - Adrian

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