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  • Savanna McDavid

All This Talk About Infrared Light Therapy...

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Infrared light therapy; infrared light

OK with all the talk about Infrared light therapy, all the publicity and so many endorsements (even Dr. Oz has spoken of Infrared Light Therapy), there must be something to this widely growing form of alternative healing. But if you're not keeping up with the latest news in health and medicine, you might not know exactly what infrared light therapy is or even what it does. I had an idea of how it helped our bodies but didn't know anywhere near what Infrared light could actually do for us. After some research I was blown away and am so grateful we offer the amazing healing power of Infrared Light right here at the Oasis. Here is the info on Infrared Light Therapy.

What is Infrared Light and where does it come from?

Most of our world's energy can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum. This is where all our radio waves, visible light, X-rays, and yes infrared light is measured. Infrared light is right below visible light on the spectrum and therefore can't be seen by the human eye. We now know a lot about the electromagnetic spectrum and the frequencies it measures thanks to modern science; but the healing power of light has been used for many centuries. Our oldest and best known form of infrared light is from the sun of course, but with modern advancements we can now harness this powerful healing light for things like lights, saunas and booths.

What does Infrared Light actually do for your body?

Infrared Light;

Infrared light is different from any other heat. Infrared actually heats your body from the inside on a cellular level. To be scientific, our Mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) have light receptors and convert light into energy. When your cells are soaking in infrared light, they begin using the energy to perform at their optimal level. And when your cells perform at optimal level, they begin regenerating, restoring and healing themselves.

That is how infrared light can help the body heal itself faster and more effectively. Not to mention infrared light helps with tightening skin and dissolving fat cells. It improves skin by promoting detoxification, as well as boosting the metabolism and thyroid.

Infrared light has also been proven to increase Nitric Oxide in the body which is best known for it's help with the cardiovascular system. It actually relaxes the vascular system providing richer oxygen content. Such a boost of nutrient rich oxygen to the source of pain and damage speeds the healing process. Stimulating blood flow can be great for everyone, especially those with heart problems. There is much research that supports such a spike in Nitric Oxide is great for short term muscle performance and helps prevent long term damage.

According to Dr Julian Whitaker, "After just 30 minutes of treatment, blood flow is enhanced by 400 percent, and this boost in local circulation persists for several hours after the treatment. The most dramatic benefits of infrared light therapy are achieved with multiple treatment sessions."

Who's Infrared Light Therapy good for?

Infrared light therapy is great for everyone. From high performing athletes to people who struggle with health, infrared light therapy can be beneficial. It has even been known for its cancer fighting abilities. Here is a list of people who could benefit from infrared light therapy...

Infrared Light Therapy;
  • people with arthritis/knee osteoarthritis- helping with pain relief – Neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and back pain respond well to near infrared light, as shown in dozens of studies.

  • people who have blunt trauma/ wounds- infrared light therapy has been used for years in the military to help heal soldiers.

  • people with bursitis

  • people with carpal tunnel

  • those with diabetic neuropathy

  • those with fibromyalgia

  • those with muscle sprains and strains

  • people with neuropathy

  • people with rheumatoid arthritis

  • those with sciatica

  • people with temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)

  • people with tendonitis

  • people who have surgical incisions

Infrared light is a great way to heal your body naturally. It is one light that our bodies NEED. Much like plants, our cells work best when we have light from the sun to give them energy. However, most of us do not get the sunlight we should, so thanks to modern science, we have Infrared Light Therapy as a substitute. Come experience the natural healing power of this amazing therapy.


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