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  • Savanna McDavid

Season Your Summer: Pt. 2 Recipes with Himalayan Salt

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

So after last weeks blog, you're probably thinking the same thing we are...."What else can you use Himalayan salt for in the kitchen?!" We were so excited to bring you part one of this series and from all the feedback, you guys loved it too! Our eyes have been opened to so many things salty and cooking is just one (HUGE) way we can use this magical pink salt.

This week's blog series will feature many more recipe ideas to curb your salty taste. Last week you guys were with us cooking steaks and veggies. Which let me say were excellent, but this week...we are getting a little more in depth. Because everyone loves delicious recipes right?

Here are some awesomely, delicious recipes and ideas....


Cheese Ball and Crackers- place cheese ball right on salt block and add crackers around the ball. have yourself a classy appetizer. HERE is a delicious yet easy cheese ball recipe.

Cheese Block- If you're a person who serves a lot of cheeses at your event/party, a salt block is the perfect thing for your gourmet cheese. Not only is it a conversation piece, it will add significant flavor to your cheeses.

Salads- We're not sure if you specify salads as appetizers or as the first course to a meal, but either way...they are served wonderfully in a Himalayan salt bowl. The colors, the flavors, it is a course to remember.


Shrimp Cocktail- This is a wonderful appetizer and is easily seasoned and displayed on a salt block. To give your appetizer even more of a flavor, place your cocktail sauce in a Himalayan salt bowl!

Guacamole and Chips- This is a phenomenal appetizer (or meal) served from a salt bowl. Simply make your guac, place it in a bowl and add chips. Check out this GUAC recipe.

Bruschetta- Can we say YUM...this is a favorite around our house. Serving bruschetta straight off the salt block is simply delightful and is a wonderful, light summer appetizer. THIS is our fav recipe.

Main Course and Side Dishes....

Grilled Salmon and Asparagus- You can literally season this meal any way you want! Our favorite is cajun salmon with cracked peppercorn and asparagus with olive oil and cracked pepper.

Simply season food, place salmon on block skin side down too cook while placing asparagus on salt block to cook. You can use the same block, but it is easier to use two! DO not put oils on the salt block. We promise your food will not stick to the block.

Brown Sugar Chicken and Pineapples- so good! The sweet from the marinade and glaze with brown sugared pineapples blends SO WELL with the Himalayan salt. It is one of those meals you just have to try for yourself. We used THIS recipe but tweaked it just a bit. We definitely cooked it on the grill, but used salt blocks to cook both the chicken and the pineapples. We did this separately to avoid cross contamination.

Soups- I am not putting a recipe here because Himalayan salt will literally go in any soup or chili, hot or cold! Here at The Oasis we have fine table salt and we also have course salt chunks you can drop right in to the soup. It will flavor it for dayyysss!

Eggs- Cook them right on the salt block sunny side up or scrambled. You can even do omelets with whatever you want in them. Just be sure your block is HOT enough so your eggs don't run off the block. Use a spatula to flip and remove and there you have it.....amazingly seasoned eggs!

Honestly, there are endless possibilities when it comes to cooking with Himalayan salt. "You can literally cook almost anything you think would be good with salt". The best part is, it is so easy to incorporate this mineral rich salt into your every day foods.

Cooking with Himalayan salt is so much better for our bodies simply because it is packed with minerals (unlike white table salt that is processed, stripped and bleached). Himalayan salt does crazy things like help with digestion, help regulate water levels, boosts our immune systems and so much more!

Next week we will be talking about desserts (my fav)! So be sure not to miss that. If you like some of these ideas and recipes let us know below. And comment with YOUR favorite recipes or ideas for salted desserts!

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