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  • Savanna McDavid

The Proven Way to Clearer Skin Before School Starts: LED Red & Infrared

Introducing the dynamic duo, LED Red Light Therapy and Infrared Light Therapy. Earlier in the year we talked about Infrared Light Therapy and what it can do for the body (healing magic) but now we are bringing it to you in a totally different way and coupled with LED Red Light Therapy. These two treatments are proven to produce significantly clearer skin in a short period of time. I would have never believed it until I experienced it myself.

I have always struggled with acne, scars, big pores and just bad skin in general. I was so self conscious about my face and always dreamed of having great skin. I longed for the day I could step outside my front door without makeup, but before opening The Salt Oasis Kingsport, that day never came.

After a lot of research on LED Red and Infrared Light Therapy, we added them to the list of services we offer. I was SO EXCITED. I decided I would be the test subject (since I had tried everything else out there). Wouldn't you know it, a month later, my results from using the LED Red Light and Infrared Light back to back on my face were astonishing.

(not the best photos, but I hope you can tell a difference....I sure can!)

You may be asking "how does this work"? There is a lot of research and many studies that have proven LED Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy improve skin in 4 different ways. I will list them all, but in this post we are just focusing on its acne healing powers.

They are......

1. Wrinkle Reduction and skin tightening properties (face lift effect)

2. Heals Psoriasis (check out our really amazing testimony from Susie Wells)

3. Reducing Cellulite (yes...seriously, no joke)

4. Treating acne scars and preventing acne

Studies have shown that both LED Red Light and Infrared Light will stimulate cells, causing them to begin healing and repairing themselves. The heat and light also improves blood circulation- which is key to rejuvenation. These therapies promote cytokines (chemical messengers) release, too! As more cytokines are released, collagen producing cells, called fibroblasts, go to work. This causes faster healing of the skin - essentially clearing up acne and/or scars naturally.

Using LED Red Light and Infrared Light will help heal acne in the first place by killing bacteria and shrinking (killing) dirt and bad cells. This process will prevent scar tissue. As mentioned above, if you already suffer from acne scarring, this therapy helps to fade them. As new collagen is formed, marks on the skin tend to even out thus filling in scars and reducing the appearance.

Many people want to know what the side effects are and if these therapies damage the skin. The short answer is... NO! Unlike high powered lasers, low level infrared and LED light do not damage the skin. There is no redness, no burning and no inflammation that may be found with other laser treatments. So it is noninvasive, no side effects and the best part......effective!

LED Red Light and Infrared Light Therapies are a noninvasive, pain free and natural treatment for some of the most common skin problems. It is proven to work for damaged skin, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, acne scars and psoriasis. To hear a testimony from Susie Wells (a great client) with psoriasis, click here.

Now obviously these results do not happen in one or two visits. In fact, like anything else it will take consistency. That is why we are bringing you guys an AMAZING package...just in time for school to start back. For the entire month of July we are offering LED Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy 5 days a week for only $120 for four weeks.

So for 4 weeks, five times a week in a 30 minute session come and experience the healing powers of LED Red Light and Infrared Light Therapies for only $120.

"We're pretty certain you will see results (a CLEARER face) after a month of sessions".

I was so excited when it helped me that I want to help everyone with skin issues because I know how much they affect your life.

If you're wondering if this treatment will help you or not, give us a call and we will talk about whats going on with your skin. We'll see if LED Red Light and Infrared Light Therapies are right for you. And you could have a clearer face in a month! Just in time for school to start.

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