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  • Savanna McDavid

Four proven ways to relieve STRESS.

Stress is a natural part of life. Humans used to use cortisol to run from predators (literally) but today we use it to seemingly run from day to day. It's true that more than 75% of Americans say we are STRESSED OUT. And why shouldn't we be, the few things we used to have to worry about were being eaten or being able to eat; today we worry about our bills, our job, out title, our status, our kids, money, health, the list goes on. With all the pressures of modern society weighing on us, its easy to see we need some relief...but how?

At the Salt Oasis Kingsport we have worked hard to bring you a salt therapy spa that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. From the moment you walk into our door you are surrounded by negative ions and clean air in our Salt Gallery. The warm glow from the salt lamps will instantly put you at ease. No matter what service you come to see us for, all are designed and proven to reduce the stress hormone and promote full body relaxation. This is how we can help....

Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is for more than breathing issues, it helps with relaxation, pain relief, general health and stress relief. Those who come for respiratory and allergy relief are always pleased to find the other benefits to being in a salt room. Our salt room is flooded with negative ions and as you walk across centuries old salt your mind begins to relax and your thoughts begin to drift.

Many compare being in our salt room to being on the ocean shore. In fact, it is proven that a 45 minute session in a salt room will give the same benefits from being at the beach. Included in that is not just breathing better, salty air either, it is pain relief, stress relief and overall relaxation.

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna room is exquisite, featuring a three person sauna complete with infrared heat and color therapy. The room is private for each appointment and we provide towels and wraps for all visitors. As soon as the door is shut and you are alone for your session, the stress you came in with begins to leave you. Infrared heat is the one heat that is proven to reduce cortisol levels in the body while increasing blood flow. What this equates to is reduction in stress and an increase in bodily healing. We all know that stress can prolong or even prevent healing but with an infrared sauna, you are actually putting the body in a state of healing itself.

Infrared Light Therapy

This is a favorite of everyone at The Salt Oasis Kingsport. Our infrared light therapy room is very relaxing and dimly lit to ensure your brain and body being to calm as you make yourself comfortable in either the chair or on the therapy bed. The specific light we use is near infrared light for this therapy. Near infrared light will penetrate the skin and begin to give your cells energy thus causing them to repair themselves. It will also suppress the cortisol production and inhibit your stress sensors while you are under the light.

This causes most people to quickly fall asleep, and we believe that is because most people never fully relax on their own. When near infrared light is introduced however, you begin to mentally, physically and subconsciously relax causing a complete stress free 30 minutes in your day (not something we get a lot).

Reiki Healing

This is our newest session we've added to The Salt Oasis Kingsport. Reiki is a form of energy healing that can promote total relaxation while giving the body enough energy to heal and ailments. Reiki treatments allow you time to be yourself while you aren't doing a bunch of things but instead you are simply being. This treatment allows you to feel more clear, peaceful, relaxed and lighter.

Reiki provides a space where you can become more aware of what is going inside your bodying mind. The number one outcome of Reiki is relaxation and stress relief.

When we are relaxed we sleep better, our body heals better, we think more clearly and relate to others better. Having a lot of stress from pain or from just every day life can truly affect our health, our relationships and basically every aspect of our lives. Here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport, we are one place anyone can come to relax and let the stress of life melt away. The outcome? A healthier body, a healthier mind, happier relationships and a more fulfilled life.

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