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  • Savanna McDavid

Looking for some fresh new Holiday ideas?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It is here again, the hap-hap-happiest time of year and while Christmas is only a month and a half away you may not be anywhere near ready for Santa to visit you. We understand, it seems every year this lovely holiday season comes a little faster.


With so many parties to attend and decorations to hang, buying gifts for everyone on your list can seem a little overwhelming (remember last year when you said you would start earlier...we said that too). Then there are those people you never know what to buy for so you go for the always ready, not so thoughtful visa gift card. While there is nothing wrong with that, what if this year you could (seemingly) put a little more of a personal touch to those loved ones on your list? We all have one, sometimes two people who have everything and getting them a gift is almost near impossible. What if you could get them something they've never gotten before? You would be the twinkle in their eye this year.

We want to make this holiday season the best one yet for you and your family. This is why we are introducing our Holiday Gift Guide! Meaning every day in November (and many days in December) we will be featuring a unique gift on our social media and our website. We can guarantee that your loved one has never received a Christmas gift from us here at The Oasis. So not only will a gift from us be totally new and fresh, it will also be very beneficial for the health of the recipient. Basically you are giving the gift of beauty and health....I mean, come on, what can be better?


Giving a gift from The Salt Oasis Kingsport will be fresh and new

We have only been open since May, so we can guarantee no one on your list has received a Christmas gift from us. Whether it be a gift card of one of our services, a beautiful salt lamp, a fire place box or one of our many salt products we know anything you get them from us will be fresh, new and exciting.

Giving a gift from The Salt Oasis Kingsport is giving the gift of health

Any gift you get a loved one from us is going to be very beneficial for their health. And in our opinion, there is no better present for someone you love. Not only will they be getting something they can use to relax and enjoy, they will be able to breathe better and genuinely become healthier. You never know what kind of healthy habits a unique gift from us can lead to.

Giving a gift from The Salt Oasis Kingsport supports YOUR community

We are so blessed to call Kingsport our home and fell very proud of our Tri-Cities community. We are also very thankful to have amazing customers like you who believe in health and wellness. A gift from us here at the Oasis means you are supporting your local community and honestly means you are helping our dream come true. And to us, that is the best present we can get!

So please remember, when you shop with us this holiday season you are really changing lives and giving the gift of health (and beauty because this Himalayan salt is gorgeous). We know how hectic this time of year can get and that is why we put together this Holiday Gift Guide. Be on the lookout for some amazing gift ideas featured in our social media. Making your life easier, happier and healthier makes our lives better, after all that is why we are here!


Also be sure to join us on Small Business Saturday (November 24) for a celebration of our Small Business and a collaboration with some others. We will be having us a grand time!

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