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  • Savanna McDavid

The Autoimmune Epidemic: Reducing Inflammation and Pain...Naturally.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

We are in an Autoimmune epidemic right now with more than 50 million people across the country battling for their health. Those numbers are more than three times what they were 50 years ago and things like R.A., Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Grave's Disease, M.S. are sadly becoming household terms. This isn't only an adult issue however, 10 percent of the juvenile population is known to have some sort of Juvenile Arthritis according to the Arthritis Foundation.

With such a rise of these serious diseases, we're all wondering why and how it is happening. One major cause for alarm with this rise in numbers is that many people go undiagnosed for an average of 5 years. That is crazy! Some telling symptoms of an autoimmune disease are joint pain, muscle pain, weight loss or gain, insomnia, heat or cold intolerant, feeling tired and fatigued, hair loss, and more but one major issue is inflammation. Inflammation appears to be connected with most every chronic disease, but we will be talking about inflammation and Autoimmune disease specifically.

In any Autoimmune disease, the body begins attacking its own tissue because it can't distinguish between viruses and bacteria and it's own tissue. When these attacks happen, we often refer to them as "flare ups." This is when most people become the sickest and have the most inflammation. Sadly, it is then when we are taught to suppress the immune system and inflammation with heavy drugs.

In a newer approach, some doctors are asking not what are the symptoms and how to treat those, but they are asking what is the cause of this attack. Usually treating the cause will rid the symptoms. The great news is that there are more natural ways to help reduce and stop inflammation.

Here at the Salt Oasis Kingsport, if you've been following you know we have Infrared Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna and of course our Salt Room. We've seen first hand in many clients with Autoimmune issues that all treatments especially Infrared Light Therapy helps tremendously with not only inflammation but pain as well.

"Infrared Light therapy was proven to significantly reduce pain and inflammation of Osteoarthritis over a 24-hour period," says Michael R Hamblin, in a 2013 study of patients with RA. In that same study, Infrared Light Therapy reduced pain by 70% relative to placebo and reduced morning stiffness by 27.5 minutes. Infrared Light treatment was also demonstrated to provide greater movement in the joints, increased connective tissue flexibility, and increased endorphins level in the bloodstream, resulting in greater pain relief as found in a study by Lehmann, Williams and Wilkins all the way back in 1990.

Near Infrared has been shown to strengthen the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production, promoting cell regeneration, and reducing cell death. This is extremely helpful when you have an Autoimmune issue.

Mid Infrared has been proven to reduce inflammation which we all know is the root to so many issues. This is the wavelength that relaxes the blood vessels causing better circulation and increases tissue healing. This also helps with reducing pain.

Far Infrared is the wavelength that gets deepest into our cells and tissues. This causes the deep sweat and detoxification. Removing toxins is extremely important to someone with Autoimmune issues. Usually toxins in the body make flare- ups worse. This wavelength helps rid the body of those dangerous toxins through sweating.

Because all these wave lengths affect our bodies differently, it is important for someone to use not only our Infrared Light Therapy but also the Infrared Sauna. Both are crucial parts to help the body relieve pain, reduce inflammation and begin the path to healing itself. After all, that is what our bodies are made to do.

Many times those who suffer with Autoimmune issues are simply given anti-inflammatory pills and pain pills along with steroids to suppress the immune system. While there are times this may be absolutely necessary, many people are beginning to look at the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. They are finding other and even more natural ways to address their issues with less side effects and sometimes even better results.

Please do your own research on Autoimmune diseases, causes, symptoms and treatments. There are plenty of studies with much research to back them up, use those and the advice from a doctor to form your own opinion.


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