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  • Savanna McDavid

Does this wet, wet winter have you feeling down or anxious? You may be surprised to find out why.

This winter has been well, crappy. We can all agree that the lack of sunshine has taken a toll on our moods, but what about our bodies? Of course we need the sun for things like energy, vitamin D, etc., but with no sun and all rain we have begin to see how the (always) damp, cold air affects us too.

Many people in the Tri-Cities have been sick with the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and some have even been hospitalized. Schools have been shut down due to sickness and people are stuck indoors. Normally indoors wouldn't be so bad but with the record breaking rain, homes are experiencing flooding like never before. That flooding causes water damage which will usually cause mold (especially if not treated properly).

Being stuck inside with developing mold is one of the worst things for our bodies. While it's pretty common in this area, this year mold cases have seem to spike. Here at the Salt Oasis, we have talked with multiple clients that have experienced mold toxicity. We then began looking up signs and symptoms and we were shocked!

"Toxic mold based illness is a very prevalent and under diagnosed condition that can manifest in many different ways, including with symptoms that are exclusively psychiatric, such as depression, anxiety, attentional problems, brain fog and insomnia." Judy Tsafrir, Holistic Psychiatrist, writes in an article titled "Mold Toxicity: A Common Cause of Psychiatric Symptoms."

This article made such sense to us after talking to a few different moms about their children. She goes on to explain that mold toxicity and mold allergies are two different things. Mold allergies are caused by mold spores in the air and if breathed in long enough can cause autoimmune like symptoms. The human body is made to detox itself, however we now live a world that is many times more toxic than our grandparents and even parents. Now, throw mold toxicity on top and the body just can't keep up.

Until the hot, dry days of summer our environment (flooded basements, flooded homes, churches, schools) may remain damp and contain mold spores. So if you're having such symptoms, what is there to do to help detox your body?


Infrared therapy removes the chemicals and heavy metals from the body that cause brain fog, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Hormonal imbalances are improved with Infrared Sauna's effects on the nervous system. Absorbing Infrared light from the sauna actually triggers the production of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormone to encourage positive thinking, and act as a natural opiate to relieve pain. An infrared sauna increases circulation throughout the body and improves the function of the immune system, making the body healthier and resulting in better sleep.


Halotherapy presents a unique treatment for allergy sufferers, even when those allergies are created by mold spores. Breathing the dry, aerosol salt can kill bacteria, microbes and fungi that has made their way into the lungs. Microscopic salt enters in the lungs and sinus cavities that can break up any mucus that has been built up. This improves drainage which can reduce contamination and prolonged episodes.


We are exposed daily to toxins and chemicals. These toxins overload our bodies and usually aren't all filtered out by our own system. Fifty years ago our bodies could handle the amount of toxins we ingested but today is a different story. Between our food, body care products, clothes, etc we are exposed to mass amounts of toxins. Now, add mold toxicity on top of that and its easy to see how a body can get very sick very fast. This foot detox will use ions to pull those toxins out of your lymphatic system through your feet. The results will amaze you!

We have experienced one of the wettest winters on record and because of it, many people may not even know they are being affected by mold. It is often not the first thing we think of but may be a big reason we get sick. If you're interested in learning more or detoxing your body, come by and see us or give us a call!


Far Infrared Sauna Detox for Black Mold Toxicity

Mold Toxicity: A Common Cause of Psychiatric Symptoms

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