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Do you know the magic of Gray Foot Domes?

The Himalayan Gray Salt Foot Dome is an excellent way to relieve stress by placing feet onto the warm smooth salt surface. It works to draw out toxins from the body, increases circulation, reduces swelling, deodorizes and feels great on tired, achy feet. It also works great for hands!

By utilizing the concept of reflexology, the foot dome will effectively detox your whole body at home. The foot dome also emits a soothing warm amber glow when lit that adds to the relaxing and calming effects of the detoxification process.

The Himalayan sea salt footstone offers health benefits by removing impurities and other toxins from the body. Courtesy of the antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and antiseptic properties, the Himalayan salt foot dome is perfect for foot detoxification.

When you warm a Himalayan salt block, it releases negative ions that offer the following benefits:

· Anti-microbial response

· Air purification

· Skin purification

· Mind relaxation

· Settles allergens and dust particles

The negative ions are associated with nature, such as rivers, oceans, and waterfalls. While electronics, such as TV, laptops, and other gadgets, generate positive ions in the surrounding that have bad effects on the mind and body.

Therefore, the negative ions help create a balance within the body by minimizing inflammation and boosting sleep and other brain functions.

As a result, the warm surface of the Himalayan salt foot dome makes your feet sweat to remove the toxins from your body. Not only that, but the skin absorbs the essential minerals for further purification and cleansing from the inside out. The minerals reduce the unhealthy acidity within the body to alleviate aching, lethargy, and other stress symptoms.

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