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Salt Therapy, Infrared Light, Infrared Sauna: How many sessions before I notice a difference?

People are always curious how many sessions of our natural therapies do they need before they will start seeing results; the answer- more than one! Seriously though, every person is different and people's bodies will react differently to natural therapies but to see and feel noticeable, lasting improvements more than one session will be necessary. Thats not to say if you have bad allergies you won't feel relief from your first salt room visit or if you've got terrible back pain it won't ease up from one infrared light session.

"Like everything in life, consistency with salt therapy, infrared light therapy and infrared sauna therapy is key. The more you do these therapies the more of a gradual improvement you will see in your ailments."

Salt therapy is a great therapy to enjoy every so often for relaxation, stress and anxiety relief and even for allergy relief. However, for someone with severe allergy and/or sinus issues it may take 2-3 sessions to see any difference in relief. Salt therapy is also a wonderful way to naturally help skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema. We have seen people greatly improve their skin with multiple salt room session.

Infrared light is a wonderful therapy for relaxation and to warm up the body. And while we've seen some people notice relief of pain and/or stiffness from one session, to progress with relief more sessions will be needed. We have seen infrared light therapy help many people with many issues such as pain, inflammation, neuropathy, autoimmune issues, stress, tension, skin irritations, broken bones, pulled muscles, tendons, etc.

The Infrared sauna is an amazing detox and sweat session to incorporate every so often. It gets your heart rate up and gets your body sweating. Like every other cardiovascular activity though, you'll find the best results with the sauna if you consistently use it. Infrared Sauna has proven beneficial for weight loss, circulation improvement, pain relief, inflammation relief and more. To achieve these results, most people need at least 9 sessions of the sauna.

Because we know that consistency is key when it comes to our therapies here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport, we have made it quite easy (and more cost efficient) for you to come multiple times. We have two packages that feature a month of sessions. One package is $100 for the month (4 weeks) and is three session a week for one service of your choice-thats 12 sessions! Our more popular package includes the sauna, salt room and infrared light therapies and for $150 you can use 6 sessions (in any combination) a week for 4 weeks-that is 24 sessions! We know the more you come, the better you will feel so we want to make it as affordable as possible!

When people ask us how many sessions it takes before they tell a difference, we always say the same thing-it depends on you and your body. Some people may feel benefits early and for some it may take two or three sessions. Any way you swing it, consistency is key to long term benefits. We would love to see you in, stop by and see us!



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