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  • Allison Latture

Wondering what a FAR Infrared Heating Pad can do for you?

Are you having trouble sleeping due to pain and inflammation? Having difficulty sitting at your computer all day without experiencing headaches and neck pain. Stop by the Salt Oasis to order your Far Infrared Light Pad.

A Far Infrared mat is not a heating pad. It is health device using the far infrared light, which is part of the eletro-magnetic light spectrum, to promote active positive cell activity and healing throughout the body. Far Infrared Light is close to the frequency of the sun but it doesn’t contain any harmful UV lights that comes along with sun exposure.

This technology was developed long ago by NASA but medical professionals are now taking notice and are in agreement regarding its effectiveness when used for pain and inflammation. FAR infrared pads work by stimulating the cells and tissues. The even distribution of heat energizes them. Your body reacts to the FAR infrared heat the way it would react to the warmth from sun rays. It is a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that has been proven to effect biological tissue.

Far Infrared heating pads are not like regular heating pads. Regular heating pads are hot on the surface, which heats up the skin it comes in contact with. A FAR infrared heating pad actually heats up your body from within. The infrared pad is heated using infrared light, which like the sun’s light, will actually penetrate a few inches deep. This is why infrared pads are superior for pain relief, circulation, reducing inflammation and muscle recovery. FAR infrared light promotes healing in the body by penetrating 2 to 6 inches deep, stimulating cells and tissue. It promotes micro-circulation between cells and reduces bacterial growth. The surrounding tissues receive increased available energy and it reduces tension in muscles and stress on your body.

Everyone can benefit from FAR Infrared light therapy, particularly those individuals who live with pain and inflammation, and a FAR

Infrared Pad is an excellent way to get infrared light therapy at home.

Our FAR Infrared Pads sell out fast, so stop by or call the Salt Oasis Kingsport to reserve yours today!



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