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Your Summer Staycay: we're bringing the beach to you!

As prices of everything rise, this summer we find ourselves closer to home and getting creative with our fun in the sun. It’s the perfect year for a Summer Staycay! What better place to spend some vacation time than the Salt Oasis Kingsport? We have brought the beach to you at our relaxing nearly tropical oasis.

As soon as you walk in you’ll be hit with salty air and let's be real the salt life is what we dream about all year! There is just something about the salty water and sandy shores that soothes our soul and renews our energy. This year though, many people won't be able to make that beach trip. That's why we are bringing the beach to you!

Our Salty Sea Shore

Get that feel good ocean feeling right here in the Tri-Citites. Salt Therapy is a form of therapy that has been said to have the same scientific effects on the body as the beach......say what?! Just a 45 minute salt room session can do your body as much good as 3 days on the coast. Step into our salt room and you'll immediately feel as though you're on a beach when your toes hit the salt on the floor. Then when you breathe in the salty air, not only will it help your allergies like the beach does, but you will also being to feel like you're on the coast.

Fun in the Sun

Infrared Light Therapy is like bottling up the best parts of the sun. That means you can sunbathe without harm! So many people have told us that infrared light makes them feel like they're laying on the beach relaxin in the sun. And for good reason-infrared rays create a calm relaxing feeling to the body. Not to mention you will get all the healing power the sun has to offer without the harmful UV rays. So this yer you can soak up the sun whenever you want and don't even have to worry about getting burnt!

Get your Sweat On

We all know sweating is just part of being on the beach but this kind of sweating is good, we actually enjoy it! Step into or tropical Infrared Sauna and you will feel s if you're getting your sweat on right at the beach. Bring your bathing suit, a towel and get ready to enjoy that summer time sweat (the good kind of sweating). Not only will you feel better removing toxins, you'll also feel like you've taken a vacation to a tropical oasis!

Relax the Cares Away

Now the salt bed is the height of rest and relaxation. As you're laying on a warm bed of salt with the Infrared Light over you, it really is like you're laying somewhere on the beach. When you enter the room you're instantly taken to the coast! Be ready for some serious you time because the Salt Bed is the perfect spot for that deep relaxation we all crave from our vacations.

This year, there is no reason to not enjoy a Summer Staycay! Our are has some amazing things to offer and or Salt Oasis is just one of them. Be sure to book your Staycay with us this summer to get the beach refreshed feeling without traveling so far to get it. We know we're not the beach, but we're the next best thing!



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