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  • Savanna McDavid

2019: New Year, New Goals, New Attitude

Every year around the end of December people begin to reflect on the year past, thinking of what they wanted to accomplish and what they didn't get done. Then begin the resolutions. Most people make new year's resolutions and usually they are the same every year. The percentage of people who actually follow through with their goals are very minimal. But not you, not this year. The most common goals are to lose weight, save more money, spend less money, don't procrastinate, etc...we all know them and have probably set them a time or two.

The part that most people miss however is the followthrough. Most new year's resolutions don't make it out of the month of January, sadly. We have all the best intentions and then life gets in the way, we don't stretch ourselves to be sure we accomplish those daily goals and well, no resolutions met.

What if this year could be different though? What if you said...this is THE year that changes things? That is what we've decided this year will be. Now don't get me wrong, opening The Salt Oasis Kingsport this past year changed a lot of things. We've learned a lot and we're so thankful for this amazing community. However, we've decided, with input from you-our amazing clients- we are improving a lot this year.

Our goal has always been to offer services that help you feel and be your best and healthiest, naturally. We already have amazing services that we've watched time and time again help our clients. These are of course the Sauna, Infrared Light and the Salt Room. All do different yet equally phenomenal things for our bodies.

If you are trying to burn calories, lose weight and detox - well the Sauna is just what you need. It is a great approach feeling healthier and actually getting healthier this year. So if one of your resolutions is the biggest one we all make, then don't hesitate to give our Sauna a try!

In 2019 though, you will find some more changes taking place here at the Oasis. Some things are still in the works and will be announced later in the year but some are happening right now in January!

The first new thing we are excited to announce is our Salt Room Yoga classes that are taking place the first three weeks of this year. Now this is not something we planned, but the opportunity came about so we captured it. While it is only a trial run with a great friend, if these session go well, you may see more of them on Saturday mornings!

One major thing we will be introducing in the next few weeks is a Foot Detox Session. This is completely different than anything else we have here, but is going to fit in wonderful with what we do. This session will be about 30 minutes long and consist of soaking your feet in water while toxins are being pulled out of your body through your feet. Wait until you see what comes out of your feet! We were shocked and amazed at the brown sludge that was so shortly before water.

We don't have this session completely planned out, so we will have more details on this later. We will also be making some more announcements later through the year that we know you all will love!

This is going to be THE year for us and we hope you make it YOUR year too! Make those goals specific and look at them every day. Make sure you jump right on them and don't procrastinate. We are already 4 days in to this year, how are you tracking? Keep those goals and resolutions in front of you and don't give up on them! We are excited to help you achieve those health goals- mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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