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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is two weeks away! We know you want to buy your mom the best gift ever this year, after all she deserves the world. So instead of getting her flowers and (another) something she already has, how about getting her a functional gift she can use for years to come?

In this year's Mother's Day Gify Guide, let's look at some gifts any mom would love to have!

Gift Card

Here's the thing about moms, they will love any gift you give. But if you really want to give mom something she needs, how about some relaxation time to herself? Everyone needs it, and mom's are most definitely no exception.

She does everything for you and the whole family, do something she will adore this year and get her a gift card to The Salt Oasis Kingport. She will love her relaxation and alone time and cherish it for months to come.

You can get gift cards for any dollar amount and they can be used for any of our services. Purchase them in store or online!

Infrared Light Heating Pad

The far infrared heating pad stimulates increase blood flow to pain affected areas when the body is heated up. It doesn’t just heat the skin, the heat penetrates into the cells to promote healing from inside out.

Whether it is back pain, arthritis, lyme disease, sore muscles and joints, infrared heating pads are tailored to bring long lasting relief. A lot of people have found relieve from pain with the use of infrared heating pads.

Priced at $179, it is a great gift for mom!

Red/Infrared Light Face Wand

This small wand features red light, infrared light and blue light in 3 minute sessions.

It is multifunctional and can be used anywhere on the body for pain, inflammation, acne, scarring and more.

The small size makes it perfect for the face, helping with collagen, elasticity, acne, scarring and plumping.

These wands are $125 and come with their own carrying case, battery charger and extra battery and a user manual.

Massage Petal Bowl

The petal bowl not only functions as a salt lamp for purifying the air but also features five heating massage stones with soothing properties.

Ideal for addressing various discomforts, whether it's relieving a sore neck and shoulders or alleviating sinus pressure, these heated stones offer targeted comfort wherever needed.

Available in Pink, Gray, and White, the multi-functional petal bowl combines aesthetic appeal with therapeutic benefits.

Priced at $108

Foot Dome

Discover the incredible relief and comfort that foot domes bring to ease pain, swelling, and inflammation in your feet, ankles, and legs. Perfect for individuals who spend long hours on their feet, those dealing with plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and more.

A mere 30 minutes nightly with your feet on a foot dome can work wonders, providing relief from swelling, pain, inflammation, burning sensations, and more.

Choose from our selection of white, gray, and pink options, all in stock and priced at an affordable $147. Treat your feet to the care they deserve!

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps can help bring a warm, peaceful feeling to any space, perfect for a mom who wants to create a calmer environment. Whether that be for her to relax in her own space after a long day or to bring a calming tone to everyday life with children.

Mom would love the ambiance a salt lamp can create and she would also love the fresh air they bring. Salt lamps help clean dirt particles out of the air, leaving behind a fresher, cleaner feeling.

Mother's Day is a such a special day to celebrate one of the most special people in our lives. This year, celebrate her with a gift as unique as her! We have everything in stock and ready for you to pick up. You can't go wrong with a beautiful gift from The Salt Oasis Kingsport. Your mom will love it for years to come.



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