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  • Savanna McDavid

4 Reasons your child needs a Himalayan Salt Lamp in their bedroom.

As parents, we all want the healthiest lifestyle for our children. Ensuring our children live their best lives is on of the most important roles of parenting. in today's world, doing that can be more challenging than ever. Salt lamps are amazing and are safe for every home; they're especially good for homes who have children.

Reason 1

They are one of the best nightlights

Many children now get "screen time" where they are looking at a computer, phone, tv or all three more times than not. Having the soft natural glow, the salt lamp is a good source of color therapy that relieves the eyes and relaxes the mind after getting stressed with screen time.

Reason 2

They relieve allergies and sinuses

Living in the hills of East Tennessee, allergies and sinuses are a big issue, especially for small children. The hygroscopic power of the salt lamps removes dust, dirt, dander and pollen particles from the air. Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial so when salt lamps are turned on they give off negative ions that neutralizes the positive ions that hold bacteria in the air.

Reason 3

Reduces skin ailments

Salt lamps are a natural way to prevent babies and small children from getting an unfavorable skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis and cradle cap. This is possible

because the lamp traps the moisture in the air making the environment dry and minimizes the chances for bacteria to thrive in the air. This can also keep babies from getting colds, coughs, etc. The negative ions emitted also have healing effects that tend to help skin conditions on its on.

Reason 4

Regulate the sleep pattern and mood swings

If you've ever looked at a salt lamp you know it emits an amber soothing glow that creates a calming effect. When lit in a child's room, it prevents total darkness that often creates uneasiness and discomfort. The colors of the salt are also the same colors that are in the spectrum of the sunset, making it easier for our brain to sleep. Negative ions that are emitted from the salt lamp combat positive ions which can also cause insomnia.

Himalayan salt lamps are no doubt an amazing addition to anyone's home.

They are beautiful to look at and produce so many health benefits. While they're great for adults, they are especially wonderful for children. Here at the Salt Oasis Kingsport we have so many lamps that are perfect for children's rooms. We've got variety from natural cut lamps to animal shapes and even sea themed lamps.

"I got a lamp for my 4 year old son that has severe allergies, asthma, and hyper to put in his room to help calm him and clear him up!!!! People NEED to invest in one." - Brenda Todd

We've been so happy to help many parents and kids when it comes to picking out and benefiting from their salt lamps. We know we can help you too! Come by and check out our wonderful lamps and see the difference.

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