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  • Savanna McDavid

The Doctors Weigh In: What Dr. Axe and Dr. Oz say about Salt Therapy

Hello lovely salt family! We hope you all are enjoying these (almost) Spring temperatures as much as we are. Usually in our beautiful corner of the world Spring means allergies and sinus pressure for most of us. This is a HUGE reason we decided to open The Salt Oasis last year. Our fearless leader, Anita, has always suffered from bad allergies and sinuses and when she discovered salt therapy, she knew she could not only help herself but a lot of other people too.

We have talked over the past year about what salt therapy is and how it helps our bodies. I thought about repeating it again, but in this blog I decided not to tell you what I think and love about salt therapy but to tell you what a couple of very famous doctors say about salt therapy. They have way more credibility than I do anyway!

In July of last year, Dr. Axe posted about salt therapy, it's growing popularity and how it actually helps with the issues it claims. In his article titled, "Salt Therapy Benefits for Breathing, Skin & Immune System," Dr Axe talks about the difference between dry and wet salt therapy and the benefits of both. "According to the Lung Institute, salt’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties combined with its ability to help remove airborne pathogens while decreasing allergic reactions makes it a great therapeutic choice for people with asthma, bronchitis and even COPD."

Dr Axe points out and explains four major benefits for salt therapy as...

1. Respiratory Ailments

Asthma, allergies, sinuses, bronchitis, common colds, COPD, ear infections, etc.

2. Skin Conditions

Acne, aging, dermatitis, itching, flaky dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc.

3. Immune System Booster

4. Reduce Inflammation

To read Dr Axe's full article and links to others please click HERE. He goes into detail about each major benefit and provides research to back up his statements.

Another Doctor we all know and love is Dr. Oz. My mom watches this man religiously and for good reason. He is always looking to help his audience and many times suggests

natural solutions. He has built a following of people who love and trust him. His thoughts on salt therapy are pretty eye opening as well.

In his article, "The Scoop on Salt Therapy," Dr. Oz talks about how eating too much salt can be bad for health but using it in other forms can be very beneficial. He goes on to say how using it for a cold, for your skin and for better breathing is one of the best, natural thing you can do. Read about what he says HERE.

In this video, Dr, Oz talks about how breathing salt air affects the body. The entire segment is available on youtube.

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