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  • Savanna McDavid

Is it all in our head, or is this allergy season worse than last year?

We're all thinking it, and now it is being proven- allergy season is worse this year than in the past. If it is all in you head-allergies and sinus pressure that is- then you already feel the pain. Here in East Tennessee, our mild winter turned into spring almost overnight and we all now live in a yellow cloud. Our cars are yellow, the sky is yellow, pollen is blowing in our windows and covering our porches, but why? Why does this year seem to be worse so far?

Our mild winter coupled with fast rising spring temperatures surely brought all our beautiful forests back to life. We are surrounded by miles and miles of mountain woodland that seem to turn green from one day to the next. Add in these past few rain showers and well, everything is alive and blooming! Beautiful to look at but for many it makes life more miserable. The weather is warming, noses are running and eyes are watering.

"A recent study in the journal Lancet Planetary Health found that airborne pollen counts have been increasing around the world as average temperatures climbed." Just like last year and the year before that, clever names like "pollen vortex" and the "perfect pollen storm" have been shared to describe this surge in pollen.

According to LiveScience, one in five Americans are severely affected by pollen and suffer through allergy season. That is CRAZY!? And the even scarier part is many of those people are simply taking pills, doubling up on pills even, just to make it through. The sad part is, usually taking medicine only masks the symptoms of the problem and to continue to "feel" relief, more and more medicine is needed.

*Photos of North Carolina by Jeremy Gilchrist

This terrible allergy and ragweed season, think about treatment that is more natural and actually treats the cause of your problem, not just covers up the symptoms for a few hours. Salt Therapy has been around for thousands of years and has been proven time and time again to help ease the suffering of allergies and sinuses. Why do you think we started The Salt Oasis Kingsport in the first place? We know how bad pollen is in the Tri-Cities and we wanted to bring natural relief!

Salt Therapy is compared to spending three days at the beach breathing in the salty, ocean air. Imagine how much relief you could have if you were breathing ocean air for three days. Our salt room has helped so many people so far this year and we want to help you too! If you are one of those who suffer with sinuses and allergies, come by and try a salt room session- we know you will find the relief you're looking for.

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