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Can coupling sessions together consistently really help the much? Yes!

Many people visit us for one service but once you try them all, you'll realize the magic is in grouping the treatments together. The salt room is great but couple it with the infrared light or sauna and its ten times better. The sauna is always made better by the infrared light and the salt bed is the perfect treatment following the salt room. Our services are wonderful by themselves but are definitely meant to be coupled together.

There are so many reasons to couple multiple sessions together but there's usually a few big reasons people will do so.


As a society, we seem to struggle with stress and anxiety. We live such a fast paced life we rarely find time for relaxation. This tends to take a toll on our mental health. The Salt Oasis Kingsport has always been dedicated to being a safe space where everyone can come relax. Coupling our services together can give anyone such a calming feeling, it can really curb anxiety with consistent visits. We see when clients visit two to three times a week and do two or more services a visit their stress and anxiety subsides and is much more manageable. Take a listen to Dawn and see how grouping multiple services has helped her.


The lifestyle we live today almost guarantees inflammation and toxicity. Many people don't even realize their aches and pains stem from inflammation in the body but it is a huge cause. Coupling the sauna and infrared light together is a great way to reduce the bodily inflammation we all live with. We've seen many people who consistently group the sauna and infrared light at least two times per week significantly reduce bodily inflammation causing aches and pains of everyday life to subside. Eva was happy to tell us her results.

An overall feeling of well being without medicine

We are all looking for that overall feeing of wellbeing. Many people think it may not be possible but with some consistent self care it definitely can be. Our services when done together will promote an overall sense of happiness and feeling great. We've herd many people say after a month of consistent visits with multiple sessions per visit they have been able to take less OTC medicine like anti-inflammatories and allergy medicine. So many people are looking for a more natural way to maintain their sense of well being, aches and pains and visiting the Salt Oasis Kingsport may be how you can do that. Stephanie tells us how coupling sessions together consistently has helped her.

Over the years we've seen many people, like these ladies, who have enjoyed multiple therapy session per visit all while seeing results simply by coupling those sessions together. Like everything else, our sessions are most powerful with consistency. Because we know this, we have created packages that allow people to enjoy multiple sessions over a period of time for fractions of the price of one visit. We know there is healing power in our therapies when done together and consistently. We invite you to visit us and try a few sessions for yourself to discover that too!



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