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  • Sharon Freeman

Delicious Salt that is actually healthy to eat? Yes, it does exist!

Our food should not only taste great but it should be good for us! An easy way to give any food a flavor "kick" plus add healthy benefits is to use black or pink Himalayan Salts. They can be used as a seasoning or a finishing touch for extra flavor and texture.

Black Himalayan Salt, known as "Kala Namak" is fired in kilns near the Himalayan Salt mines. It is highly valued for its medicinal properties and has a slightly pungent odor. However, when it is added as a seasoning prior to cooking or grilling or even to salads or marinates, the odor disappears. All that remains is a flavorful seasoning that enhances everything it is sprinkled on. Steaks, chops, salads, soups and marinades all become delightful blends of incredible flavors.

Pink Himalayan Salt, be it light or dark, is a welcome change from our normal table salt. Basic table salt has no value since it is made industrially and heated to extreme temperatures. Himalayan Salts have only been hand washed and are over 250 million years old, they are the purest salts on earth and are being used by chefs all over the world. Only a teaspoon or less and Pink Salt can help to balance fluids in our system, balance our PH and blood pressure and has 84 trace minerals. Used as a seasoning, in tiny pieces to give a crunch or a pinch in desserts, Pink Salt give foods a burst of mouthwatering flavor!

Himalayan Salts are proven to enhance brain function, improve digestion, help with the absorption of food in the small intestines, promote bone health and so much more. Food has never tasted so good and been so good for you!

The Salt Oasis is your source for everything "Salt!" We will assist you in any of your "salt" questions. Watch for more on "Cooking with Himalayan Salt" from The Salt Oasis, Kingsport.



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