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Hello Summer! Bring all the vibes without the drive.

In Northeast Tennessee it is safe to say we LOVE the beach. The mountains may be our home, but we all look forward to a beach vacation every year. And whether you go somewhere on the East coast or down to the gulf, the "salt life" is what we dream about all year. There is just something about the salty water and sandy shores that soothes our soul and renews our energy. This year though, many people sadly won't be able to make that beach trip. That's why we are working hard to bring the beach to you!

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Most everyone would agree that being at the ocean just makes us feel better, mentally, physically and emotionally. Did you know that feeling is not physiological? It is actually scientifically proven that an ocean environment positively affects our bodies. The air, sun and water all play a part in how we feel. We usually notice when we pack our things and head back to the mountains, to sinus pressure and to runny noses and aching joints. If you know what I'm talking about, then you understand a little about Salt Therapy.

What if there was away to get that feel good ocean feeling without going on vacation? Many of us will not be traveling this year. At The Salt Oasis Kingsport we bring you that healing feeling of Salt Therapy. A form of therapy that has been said to have the same scientific effects on the body as the beach......say what?!

"Yep, a 45 minute salt session can do your body as much good as 3 days at the ocean!"

If that is true, can you imagine how magical that is. Let me explain how I can make such a crazy (and really awesome) claim...

Fist lets start with something almost all of us share...allergies. Do you ever notice at the beach that your allergies and sinus pressure tend to disappear? Well that is because of the strong salty air you are breathing. We've talked before about how breathing this air can clear the sinus cavities and relieve pressure. It can also cure most allergies, runny nose and coughs. Which is absolutely wonderful for the few days we are there. It's common to come home and get sniffles; the result of breathing non salt air. Thanks to the Salt Oasis, now you can get that relief and relaxation without traveling!

Secondly, at the ocean most people with pains and aches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, etc. usually notice how much better they feel physically. One big reason for this is because salt is anti-inflammatory. Therefore, giving relief to those with inflamed bodies. A lot of people can spend time on the beach and in the water and can move better, with less pain. It is beautiful thing and one wonderful way nature promotes healing. Thankfully, through the power of Salt Therapy that relief doesn't have to end when you leave the seashore. Our himalayan salt is just as powerful as sea salt and can give you the same results.

Third, think about that relaxed, carefree mental state. At the beach, nothing seems to be a big deal. Everyone is calm and cool and relaxation is the way every day. Yes this has a lot to do with not having to go to work (or be on time for anything) but most of this is thanks to the negative ions you are engulfed in on the seashore. Those negative ions actually calm your brain and promote better blood circulation while increasing your mood. Did you know salt could do all that? Don't leave that mental state at the beach when you don't have to. Our salt room and salt gallery are full of negative ions that will do the same thing to your body. So by visiting the Salt Oasis frequently you can keep that relaxation going all summer.....can we get an AMAN!

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Lastly...ladies let me hear you, theres nothing that can make your skin feel better than some salt water. Give us two days at the beach and we feel as beautiful as ever. That salt water does wonders for the soul but also for the skin. Soft, supple clear skin is something we all look forward to on our vacations. That skin is due to the salt water and air soaking through our bodies' biggest organ. And yes, you guessed it, that too can be found at the Salt Oasis. In a salt session, the salt will soak into your skin resulting in softness and smoothness. Salt Therapy is also great for those with eczema and psoriasis just as the ocean water is.

Salt has been known as a powerful health remedy since ancient times. The cure for most anything before modern medicine was salt water. Discovered medically in the late 1800s, salt therapy has been proving its way through Europe and is now making its way into the United States. Not much modern research has been conducted by U.S. doctors but health professionals such as Dr. Andrew Mayo (the great grandson of the founder of the Mayo Clinic) have been doing research for years and are working with other holistic professionals to spread Salt Therapy across communities as an alternative solution to many health conditions.

Now, it is in your community and whether you are going to the beach this year or not, come visit The Salt Oasis Kingsport to experience all the ocean feels! It's like an everlasting vacation right here at home.




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