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Himalayan salt is great for many things, but what about your toothbrush!?

Himalayan salt is by far the purest salt available on earth, as it is free from toxins and pollutants. This salt is mainly extracted from the Himalayan belt, where it is also popularly known as “white gold." We know the healing properties are almost endless. Himalayan salt is great for so many ailments of the body but did you know there are many ways to use it around your home? One very surprising yet practical way is to use a jar of it as a toothbrush holder!

Here is a little history for you, only since 1850 have we have been using toothpaste to clean our teeth. Before that people would use charcoal and salt or branch twig to clean their teeth. Due to our diets of sugar, most people now have serious dental problems; for example bad breath or bleeding gums when they brush their teeth. An electric toothbrush and flossing are now considered essential in dental care, but is this sufficient?

Scientists have found more than 10 million bacteria living on a single toothbrush. We take the time to clean our teeth twice a day in hopes of removing bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbial troublemakers, but unfortunately the toothbrush we use to clean our teeth is becoming a home for the stuff we are trying to destroy. So how do we clean our toothbrush? How about by using a Himalayan Salt Toothbrush Holder.

This toothbrush holder is so simple to use but will make a huge difference in dental hygiene. After a brushing, rinse the toothbrush with water and then dip the brush a few times on the inside of the Himalayan Salt Toothbrush Holder. The toothbrush is then coated with Himalayan salt it is now ready to destroy bacteria and germs, fight tooth decay, end bad breath and alkalize your mouth. Brush and repeat as many times as you like, your gums will love you for it.

Here are some benefits of a Himalayan Salt Toothbrush Holder:

  • Himalayan crystal salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, killing germs that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Himalayan crystal salt is raw and unprocessed with 84 trace minerals, including natural, bio-available forms of calcium, magnesium and fluoride.

  • Storing your toothbrush in a Himalayan crystal salt toothbrush holder is a fantastic way to keep it clean, safe and sanitized.

Why not use regular table salt? Himalayan salt actually has properties that you won’t find in table salt. While Himalayan salt is chemically similar to regular salt, it also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These chemicals aid in fighting bacteria and easing inflammation. No one wants to use a bacteria filled toothbrush to "clean" their mouth. Stop by and see our Himalayan salt toothbrush holders today!



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