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  • Savanna McDavid

Are you ready for a serious detox? The newest session at The Salt Oasis Kingsport.

If you visit us at the Oasis, you may have heard us talking about our newest session and you have probably noticed how excited we are about it. The Ionic Foot Detox has already amazed us with its results! This machine is able to pull toxins, metals and chemicals out of the body through the feet and boy does it work. It is shocking how much bad stuff we have in our bodies- even when we feel great and seem healthy.

After researching toxicity and the human body, it is very easy to see how we are, in this day and age, flooded with almost triple the toxins as our grandparents. From the food we eat to daily products we use to the air we breathe, most of our world contains toxins, chemicals and probably worst of all heavy metals.

So, how does this foot detox work exactly you may be asking...? Thats a really great question! First, it is important to understand toxins and acids pool naturally at the feet, due to gravity. Each foot contains 2,000 or more sweat glands, more than anywhere else in the body, which makes the feet ideal as an exit point to purge accumulated toxins.

What is an Ionic Foot Detox?

This is a foot detox that pulls heavy metals, toxins and chemicals from your body through your feet. The concept of detoxing has been around for centuries. Earlier civilizations understood that sweating through the glands was good for the body. With modern technology, scientists have been able to use ionization to actually pull things from the body. It's pretty amazing.

How does it work?

It is a really simple session yet complex system (a little confusing I know). For the client, there is only really two steps- place your feet in the warm water, then dry them off after we rinse them after the session. However, the system is a little complex because there are many steps to the process. After placing feet in the warm water, we pour in a small amount of sea salt, them place the ionizer in the water and plug it in ( no one is electrocuted in the making of the foot detox). Then, you relax and we wait....for 30 minutes to be exact. After the session is complete, we will then assist you in washing off your feet and drying them. After they are dry, you are free to put your shoes on.

There are things to do before, during and after....

Before your foot detox, you will want to be sure and drink at least 16oz of water- 32 oz if you can. Please wash your feet really good the day of your session and DO NOT put on any lotions or oils. We don't want your pores clogged with anything that would hinder the ionizer from pulling toxins, chemicals and metals out.

During your session, besides relaxing you will need to drink at least 8oz of water. We will be available to give you as much water as you would like to drink. Now once the session is started, you are not able to move until it is complete, so we suggest to use the restroom before, have your phone or book close so you can get to it without moving.

After your session, you will want to drink plenty of water (see a theme here?). That is because your body will still be purging things through your urine, sweat and bowel movements for a couple of days after a session and you want to be sure to give your body plenty of water to flush your system. You should also just rest if possible after your session to give your body time to recuperate.

Check out some of these results we've gotten so far......

Pretty crazy isn't it! Now keep in mind that we start with clean and clear water at the beginning of the session.

Accumulated toxins are a real problem for the body because excess acid, heavy metals, and toxins all add to the body’s burden of trying to stay clean internally.

"All these poisons not only increase the body’s workload, they also weaken the body’s defenses."

They prevent proper gland and organ functions, absorption of food, and the creation of energy. To recover and maintain good health, these accumulated toxins have to be eliminated on a regular basis to ensure our wellness and longevity. That is the main reason we decided to add an Ionic Foot Detox as our newest service. We are determined to help everyone become happier and healthier here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport and do it as naturally as possible!

We will be taking appointments for the Foot Detox session. Because of all the steps involved and preparation, we want to be sure we know when you are coming to give you the best experience. We will also only be doing Foot Detox session on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays. To find out the available Saturdays, please check out our the "Book A Session" tab on the website.



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