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Ready to Celebrate the Holidays? Here are Some Great Ideas from Gifts to Parties.

It is almost the hap-hap-happiest time of the year and most everyone is looking forward to it! With the Holidays comes time with family and friends, buying gifts for loved ones and all the fun gatherings. This year many of us have already begun buying and planning, making lists and shopping. As many of us are learning, waiting until the last few weeks may not be the best option. No need to worry though, if you want to buy wonderful and unique gifts and support a small business at the same time, We've got you covered!

We are fully stocked with simply beautiful salt and onyx lamps. Not to mention some of our best sellers, the foot dome, salt pillows and of course will be taking orders for the famous infrared light heating pad. These items make amazing gifts because not only are they different but the are also a fully functional gift that can help your loved one improve their health. It is a win win!

One of our favorite thing about the holidays is all the holiday gatherings. Here at The Salt Oasis Kingsport we enjoy watching our clients have such a great time with friends and family. We host office holiday parties, family Christmas parties, and so much more. We host out of town family holiday parties for those families that are looking for a fun filled, relaxing event.

Don't foget, if you're not sure what to get tht special someone we do have gift cards! You can order them online or here in store. Gift cards to The Salt Oasis Kingsport are a wonderful way to show your loved ones you car about their health and well being while still being thoughful and unique.

The holidays are upon us and we are ready for them! Be sure to be prepared and get a jump on that shopping list by visiting us and crossing some names off your list! We can't wait to see you.



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