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Ready to make your home office and classroom less stressful?

The new school year is here and boy does it look different than any other. As you adjust to new schedules and learn exactly how online school works, there may be one thing you can add to your desk that will bring peace. Salt Lamps are wonderful to have in any home or classroom or home classroom; but did you know they actually do way more than just look pretty? Most people have heard by now that salt lamps do things like clean the air and help with mood, but do they really make a difference to our bodies or is it simply a physiological trick we believe?

"If you've never lived with a Himalayan salt lamp in your house, you really don't know what you're missing."

When you put a lamp in any room it will provide fresh, pure air and the more lamps in your home the purer air you will notice. It is like having a window open all the time. It has the same feeling of living at the ocean in the salty air. And while clean air is a great benefit, there is so much more that a Himalayan light can do for you and your family.

Improves Focus and Mood

With the stress of work and school at home it is harder to relax and be in a good mood. Research shows that Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the air thus battling the positive ones caused by pollution, electronics and other things. This boost of negative ions in your air has been shown to help the human brain relax as well as improve brain function and concentration. The negative ions also increase blood flow through your body to your brain. Right now, we could all use a boost in concentration, relaxation and peace.

Improves Circulation

Speaking of blood flow, not only do Himalayan salt lamps improve air circulation but can also encourage healthy circulation of blood inside of the body. Breathing in negative ions can prevent heart attacks and strokes- something all parents feel like they could have this school year. Blood is composed of negative ions and the introduction of positively charged air or substances can cause the blood to clot. Breathing negative ions can prevent these clots by conforming to the negative charge of most of the blood cells. Not to mention, improved circulation also boosts focus.

Relieves Asthma and Allergies

Because the salt attracts moisture, a Himalayan lamp is always attracting moisture in your home and with that moisture comes dust, dirt, dander, pollen, smoke, mold, mildew and anything else that is in the air. The impurities get trapped in the salt and dissolved (thanks to the salt's antibacterial and antimicrobial properties) while the water evaporates back into the air because of the light. This process is natural air purification and will help with breathing better in the home. Placing a lamp or two where you are most in your home can significantly decrease attacks.

Eliminates Electromagnetic Radioactive Waves

These waves are found in modern day homes and classrooms thanks to computers, tablets, phones and our televisions. They are not good for our air or our bodies. All of those things break down the air quality and will cause us to become stressed and can also affect our immunity. Place a few Himalayan salt lamps in your home and you will start combatting those waves and should start to notice a difference in your stress levels.

Helps You Sleep Better

While we're on the topic of stress.....most people have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. Usually that can be credited to stress but sometimes can be caused by sleeping in a positive ion environment. This will decrease blood flow and oxygen to the brain causing irregular sleep patterns. Placing a Salt Lamp beside your bed can drown out those positive ions with negative ones causing a deeper more restful sleep. We could all use that!

"There have been a number of studies showing that negative ions have a powerful effect on physical and mental health and can promote general vitality."

Himalayan salt lamps are hand carved beautiful works of art and no two are the same. Not only do they have a wide range of benefits, but they are a beautiful, natural piece to add to any home. They are something you have to see and experience to understand the calming effect and the best place to do that is in our Himalayan Salt Gallery. We have over 20 types of lamps for you and your family to begin naturally improving the quality of your body and your home. After all, home is now our office and classroom, let's make it the best it can be!




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