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Salt Lamps and house plants: the perfect functional aesthetic for your home.

Many of us know that house plants and Himalayan salt lamps are excellent for purifying the air. As we move into the colder months and spend most of our time inside, it is a good idea to create natural air that boosts both our mood and health. We have many kinds, colors and shapes of salt lamps for various spots in your home. Couple our lamps with beautiful indoor plants to bring nature inside. From creating a warm and romantic look to a natural and cozy one; salt lamps and indoor plants together have become increasingly desired and a trendy look in many homes. As an added benefit, coupled together they bring much more than trendy aesthetics.

Plants and Salt Lamps work together to clean your air.

We all want to improve our indoor air quality. Many of us have allergies and can benefit greatly from coupling plants and salt lamps. Having both in your home work well for providing air purification and freshness at the same time.

We all know plants create fresh air and help us breathe easier. When a salt lamp is placed in a room it attracts dust, dirt, dander, pollen, mold, bacteria and anything else that could be in your air to neutralize. Some health problems are caused by bad air quality at home. A very common plant is the Mother in Law’s Tongue because it produces oxygen at night.

Other plants are helpful for eliminating the airborne toxins in your home. While salt lamps can help reduce electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog from our many electronics. Himalayan Salt lamps and Plants together can be very effective to improve the air quality in our homes.

Salt lamps help plants grow better in most cases.

We can combine salt lamps and plants to give our interior a better air quality.

In many cases to improve plants efficiency, we can add Himalayan Salt lamps to our space. Sources show evidence that negative ions are useful for greenhouse and horticulture fields. The higher level of negative ions in the air the better the plant growth, so having many lamps in your home will improve the growth and life of your plants.

For best results, keep plants and salt lamps a little distant. Salt lamps can absorb humidity from the soil or sand. Placing plants too close to the salt lamp can cause a salt concentration in the soil and it can accumulate in leaf tips. Too much salt can kill plant tissue, making plants look like they’re burning. So, be mindful when placing salt lamps around indoor plants.

Create a beautiful aesthetic for your home while improving mood, focus and sleep.

We are naturally most relaxed when we are in nature so, of course, it is pleasing to have a house with the scent and look of nature. We can create an interior décor with the theme of nature by playing with colors, textures and scents. The plants should create better air and ambiance in the interior space. Choosing plants that are easy to grow is a must so you can enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created. Having plants in the home can improve happiness, mood and even sleep. Not to mention what breathing fresh air can do for brain focus.

We also know salt lamps help various health issues. A reduction of stress and anxiety from negative ions can lead to better sleep and a more peaceful mood. Salt lamps also relax the brain while promoting better concentration and focus. Coupling both salt lamps and plants not only make your space beautiful but add a long list of benefits.

Indoor plants are simply beneficial for both home decoration and health. Because of the main function for cleansing the air, indoor plants are a perfect match for salt lamps. Not to mention the aesthetics of having all-natural elements inside your indoor space.



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