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The benefits of Diffusing Oil in Your Salt Lamp.

Here at the Salt Oasis Kingsport, we are all about natural ways to heal and help your body. Let's talk about one product that uses the power of essential oils to do that! We all know or may have heard by now how beneficial diffusing essential oils can be. Not only can it clean our airspace but it can help reduce stress and many other issues. We have one of the most natural, and beautiful, diffusers available!

Who doesn't love a great smelling home? By now many of us are learning about the harmful effects of candles filled with chemicals. We believe that's why essential oils are gaining popularity in a big way! Here are some benefits of using essential oils for you home.....

  • helps you relax and promotes feelings of calm

  • improves clarity and focus

  • boost your mood

  • helps with lifestyle changes

  • encourages better sleep

  • helps with muscle tension and soreness

And that is just a few benefits! Here are three of our favorites-

*Reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation in the skin. Some oils actually reduce inflammation in and below the skin meaning they can give you clearer, healthier skin and help with the pain and puffiness of inflammation.

*Can ease aching joints by triggering the release of the feel good hormone. In turn it can help with the physical and physiological part of joint pain

*Helps clear airways for easier breathing both in the spring and summer allergies and in the dry cold air of fall and winter. Eases the burden on the respiratory during these times.

Not only are essential oils wonderful, but using a salt lamp diffuser is a wonderful way to diffuse them! Salt lamp diffusers have multiple benefits. You have the benefit of a salt lamp that cleans and filters your air by removing impurities. You also have the benefit of a n essential oil diffuser to diffuse your oils into the air.

If you are someone who struggles with allergies, sinuses and respiratory issues, a salt lamp diffuser could be the best thing for you! not to mention they are beautiful, unique and aesthetically pleasing in any space.

We have many wonderful salt lamp diffusers to choose from right now. we are gearing up for spring and those spring allergies. You can combat them in the alt room and at home! Also be on the lookout for our essential oils class coming later in March.



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