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  • Sharon Freeman

Using an Infrared Sauna May Support Those with Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is the most common tick borne illness in North America. Tall grassy or wooded areas are the most common for ticks and at most anytime of the year. According to the CDC, about 30,000 people will contract Lyme Disease every year.

At the forefront of treatment are antibiotics. Yet, this option is not always the most effective. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, approximately 10%-20% of people treated for Lyme Disease develop a chronic form of the disease. Many times antibiotics just don't seem to be effective in fighting Lyme Disease. In a 2015 study, infrared sauna proved to be effective in helping patients with Lyme Disease and those suffering with chronic symptoms, too. Essentially the use of the infrared sauna involves invisible light to create heat, which then warms the body. This can help with detoxification by flushing out toxins.

Those with Lyme Disease are experiencing overexertion of the kidneys and liver due to inflammation and infection. Bacteria circulating within the body of a patient with Lyme Disease create a build-up of toxins. These toxins can lead to feeling unwell and fatigued. An infrared sauna can help to flush out these toxins through perspiration. It can also help prevent toxins from building up in the internal organs, which can cause more problems.

Infrared saunas offer calming and peaceful environments with very little stimuli, allowing relaxation. The higher temperatures also relax muscles, help release tension throughout the body and promote a calming feeling. A 2015 study of Chronic Fatigue patients showed that an infrared sauna helped to improve perceived fatigue levels, increase mood levels, reduce anxiety and depression and improve performance.

Infrared sauna's have been shown to reduce the pain associated with Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms. As the body temperature rises, circulation increases, this allows more oxygen, nutrients and immune cells to the areas of the body that need it. This may help reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. This increase in blood flow will also relax the muscles and joints. This will in turn help to decrease other symptoms of Lyme Disease including stiffness and pain.

Unlike antibiotics, an infrared sauna is non-invasive, you are putting nothing into your body. Antibiotics can cause a "herx" reaction to occur. This is an accumulation of endotoxins. This reaction is defined as an adverse response and can come on suddenly leaving a patient feeling unwell. An infrared sauna allows your body to do its job by promoting its own natural healing capabilities through sweating.

As referred to earlier, a study from 2015 suggested that infrared saunas can also help with depression and anxiety. Research has also shown that regular infrared sauna bathing may help improve certain other medical disorders and increase overall wellness. The heat produced by an infrared sauna promotes feelings of relaxation and calm. They provide a time and place to meditate and relax to those unable to find time.

Research suggests that the increased body temperature induced by an infrared sauna may cause improved immune function. Studies show and increase in white cell count, lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils after infrared sauna bathing. Improved circulation, caused by the increased heat, can help immune cells reach all parts of the body to fight off Lyme and Chronic Lyme Disease.

*Infrared sauna can prove to be beneficial if you are suffering from Lyme Disease or Chronic Lyme Disease. Before you begin, discuss with your doctor.


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