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  • Allison Latture

What can a salt pillow do for you?

Millions of years ago, the primordial sea was evaporated by the sun. What remained buried deep in the Himalayan mountains was a very pure crystalline salt containing the same 84 minerals found in the human body. These minerals are essential to human life and provide endless health benefits such as replenishing the body with electrolytes and minerals, helping to maintain the body’s PH balance, and helping our circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems function more efficiently. There are many ways to take advantage of the benefits of salt therapy, such as salt rooms, salt lamps, and inhalers. Salt pillows are another easy and effective way to experience these benefits at home.

These small, portable pillows, filled with Himalayan salt, are a safe, natural way to soothe aches and pains while providing comfort and relaxation. These pillows are made to be used at room temperature, but for added relief, they can be heated by placing them on top of a salt lamp. These pillows will provide relief for many different types of ailments.

If you are experiencing pain from an ear infection, placing the pillow over the infected ear will provide relief while the salt helps to draw out and absorb the fluid. You can also place them over your eyes to help ease the pain from headaches or migraines. They will also help reduce inflammation and puffiness beneath your eyes, helping you look and feel rested and refreshed.

People who suffer from digestive conditions, like IBS or Crohn’s disease can soothe their stomach pain by laying down and placing a salt pillow over their abdomen. Upper respiratory problems can be eased by placing a salt pillow on your chest and patting it every few minutes, which will release the salt, allowing it to travel to your nose and mouth. Breathing in the salt will open airways and relieve congestion.

Everyone can benefit from using a salt pillow. Come visit the Salt Oasis to get your own salt pillow and start enjoying the many benefits of Salt therapy today!



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