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  • Allison Latture

Why most everyone needs a Foot Detox even when they think they don't.

The Salt Oasis can help rid your body of the phantom disease of Toxicity with our PES Foot Detox System. Modern medicine and science are just beginning to realize and reveal how toxic substances can be instrumental in the cause of failing health. The problem is compounded by the retention and accumulation of more than one heavy metal or toxic substance. We are all exposed to multiple sources of toxicity. Over a long period of time, this will result in an extensive accumulation of toxins and a compounding effect on human health.

Toxicity can mimic symptoms of certain diseases such as psoriatic arthritis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also trigger diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons disease, and other brain and neurological disorders.

In today’s world, environmental pollution contaminates our air and our water, and even the food we ingest. The human body is accumulating toxicity like never before in history. You are exposed daily to numerous foreign chemicals that you absorb through food, water, the air you breathe and the world around you. Your skin acts like a sponge, pulling pollutants into your body.

Ever since the industrial revolution, foreign chemicals have been accumulating in the human body faster than they can be eliminated. Every day, more chemicals enter your body than can be released, causing you to feel a lack of pep and energy. This is your body signaling that something is wrong. If you have accumulated a high level of toxicity, then detoxification is the natural route to regaining your health.

The PES system was designed to accelerate the body’s own natural cleansing process. It allows the body to heal itself and the human cells become pollutant-free through detoxification. Your feet will be immersed in a basin containing warm, salted water. Intelligent technologies contained within the array will then direct and regulate all aspects of the session. As the session progresses, you will notice a change in the water’s appearance as toxins and heavy metals are pulled from your lymphatic system through your feet.

A schedule of one or two sessions a week is advisable but even 1 session a week or once a month will help you rid your system of toxicity and will promote a healthy body and general wellness. With proper detoxification, your body has the power to heal itself and return to it’s normal healthy state.



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